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From Hibernation to Creation: Hannah's Games January 2024 Update
From Hibernation to Creation: Hannah's Games January 2024 Update

A Look Behind the Scenes: January 2024 at Hannah's Games

As I sit down to pen our January catch-up, wrapped snugly against the contrasting weather outside, I can't help but marvel at the month's rollercoaster of storms and surprises. It's been a month of warm cups, strategic planning for Easter, and, of course, the quiet snores of Tormund, our hibernating tortoise, who seems to have the right idea about winter!

Even the dog snuggling an oodie!

January has always been a month of new beginnings and resolutions for us at Hannah's Games. This year, we embraced the spirit of renewal, delving into the preparation of our Easter games. It's always a thrill to start working on these seasonal delights, and I'm buzzing with excitement to unveil them to you in just a few weeks. Alongside our Easter preparations, we've been busy bees, designing new additions to our beloved game collections. Stay tuned for what's to come; we're eager to keep you entertained and engaged with our latest creations!

Our social channels have been a tad quieter this month, but I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for the incredible engagement and heartwarming reviews we received over Christmas. Each review brought smiles and was a topic of joy in our office. Knowing how much you enjoy our games makes every effort worth it. We truly have the best community!


Playing in the cold!  Can you spot me?!

On a personal note, January was a month of sticking to new resolutions for me. I embarked on a journey to learn French through evening classes, a challenge that's proving to be as tough as it is rewarding. Additionally, I dusted off my tennis racket, braving the cold in woolly hats and gloves to prove that tennis isn't just a summer sport. It felt rejuvenating to return to the court, embracing the crisp winter air. I'm curious, have any of you kept up with your New Year's resolutions?


Looking ahead, February promises to be a thrilling month at Hannah's Games. We're on the verge of launching not only a refreshed Easter range but also extending some of our existing lines. We can barely contain our excitement and promise to keep you posted as soon as they go live.


As we step into February, let's carry the energy and optimism that January has instilled in us. From new games to personal achievements, it's shaping up to be an exciting year. Thank you for being a part of this journey, for every review, every game night photo shared, and for the continuous support. Here's to a fabulous February filled with fun, games, and laughter!


Take care, Hannah x

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