Halloween Games Pass the Parcel Rhyme

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Halloween Pass the Parcel Rhyme Game
**just add gifts and wrapping**

🎃 PASS THE PARCEL HALLOWEEN CARD GAME 🎃 - 10 A6 postcard sized rhyme cards plus two spot win prizes for spooky pass the pumpkin game fun!  Each rhyme directs to whom the halloween pass the parcel prize (not included) should pass to next - from birthday to eye colour everyone enjoys the halloween fun!

🎃 WRAP YOUR GIFT & PLAY 🎃 - Buy your winning halloween pass the parcel prizes (not included), wrap, add haloween 'rhyme' card & repeat...keep going until all the cards are attached. Your halloween pass the parcel game is ready to play at your helloween party!

🎃 NO MUSIC REQUIRED JUST USE THE SPOOKY RHYME 🎃 - Forget music systems & complex pausing as our clever haloween party rhyme dictates who opens the next layer so this halloween party game can do whereever the halloween games pack needs to go!

🎃 SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES 🎃 - Whoever is joining the Halloween games and activities our passing halloween cards are perfect for halloween kids games or adult halloween games complementing your halloween party ideas!

🎃 HALLOWEEN IDEAS MADE IN THE UK 🎃- All our hallween games are made in the UK with unique content written by us. Please support our family business buying halloween games to play at home or elsewhere! We have halloween bingo, trivia halloween card games and more spooky games!

Examples from the halloween cards:
Cauldrons sizzle with their bubbling brew...
Pass to the player placed two to the left of you!

How to Play: 
1.Buy hallaween gift as the main prize and two smaller ‘spot-prize’ gifts of equal value
2.Wrap the gift and attach each rhyme like a gift card - you can choose to seal each in an envelope (not supplied). Wrap another layer and then attach rhyme number 9. Wrap again and attach the next number until you have a big bundle of wrapping paper with the first envelope on the outside. The game is now all set up to play 😊
3. When it is time to play, hand the gift to the first player and they read the first rhyme and pass to the person stated who opens a layer and reads the next poem...play continues until all the layers are ripped off 

Full description:
Halloween Pass the Parcel Game - perfect Halloween games adults or kids fun! 
The premise is simple: a wrapped gift (not included) is passed around the halloween party group & each layer of wrapping paper is ripped off to reveal a two-line poem saying who the gift should pass to next. After ten rhymes of playing the gift will be opened & that person wins the halloween party gift inside! There are two chances to include spot-prizes to keep interest in the queens jubbly activities.
Our full colour print halloween card game is perfect for halloween games for kids party, halloween games for teens and halloween party games for family.  But that don't only use for kids halloween games!  This is fun for halloween games for adults and even for halloween drinking games!

 Hannah's Games is a UK small business and all our games are written by us. Made in the UK, all our halloween party games for children or adults are written in UK english with no americanisms. We create halloween games kids will love because we love hslloween too! Whether childrens fun, toddlers or anyone else please support our family business!

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Halloween Games Pass the Parcel Rhyme