KIDS ROADTRIP BINGO family Travel Game for children & families

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 Children’s Road Trip Bingo! – perfect for your Summer getaway!


Product features at a glance

    • Start your holiday fun the moment you leave the house by playing road trip bingo spy hunt – the kids edition!

    • Perfect to play on a family roadtrip to connect and make memories together, or on a coach-journey or a school trip!

    • Beautiful visual design means players do not need to be able to read, just spot the twelve  sights from the pictures if necessary

    • Includes five identical printed cards sized A5 or 148mm x 210mm or 5.83 x 8.27 inches for co-operative family play

    • FREE UK delivery to your door – or to your destination if you can’t bear the thought of the drive back! 😊

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How to Play:

    1. Hand out the playing cards and pens to cross off the items

    1. Each time you spot one of the items shout it out, as long as someone else in the car has also seen it you can cross it off.

    1. At the next service station, or at your destination, compare cards and announce a winner!


We all love a Road Trip but of course the Driver should never be involved in anything which takes their attention away from the driving 😊


Game description:

So, you’ve got a long car journey but are squirming at the idea of your kids having constant screen-time for the whole way?  Why not make the scenery rolling past the car window part of the fun and get the family interaction beginning from the minute your holiday begins!?

One of the challenges and joys of having young children is that they notice EVERYTHING. In this game that will be to their utter advantage and maybe it will be you playing catch-up!

Hand out the playing cards (each card has twelve items) and let the spotting frenzy begin.

Have everyone playing against each other for a bit of fun competition, or have it as a team challenge where between you all you need to find all the items – if you succeed by the next Services maybe you’ll all get an ice cream 😊

Nice big full colour images make this easy to play for children as well as the text underneath means this is accessible for everyone.



Examples from the Game cards:

    • Baby on board sign

    • Caravan

    • Bridge

KIDS ROADTRIP BINGO family Travel Game for children & families