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King Charles Coronation Royal Bingo Game

  • 20 CLASSIC A6 ROYAL BINGO CARD GAME - Each Bingo Coronation Party Pack includes 20 unique bingo cards in professional full colour print with each bingo card named after one of King Charles III Royal Family Palaces
  • KING CHARLES CORONATION GAMES WITH IMAGES & WORDS Each unique card has 25 royal items to cross off and has both the words AND a matching image to make it easy for kids & adults to play our kings coronation party game
  • NO LONG COMPLEX EXPLANATIONS - Add coronation bingo to your Charles III party supplies as everyone knows how to play classic bingo!  Add to your Royal Party Games with coronation souvenirs and gifts as prizes (not included)
  • UNIQUE FULL COLOUR DESIGN - Full colour design includes kings coronation bunting to tie in with royal party Decorations or union jack party supplies & charles iiis royal merchandise or royal napkins
  • KINGS CORONATION MERCHANDISE MADE IN THE UK - All our royal party supplies and coronation party games are made right here in the United Kingdom with unique content written by us for the King's coronation. Support our family business buying your coronation party supplies from us!
Full Description:
Kings Coronation Party Bingo Game set ! 20 A6 postcard sized playing cards

Play with family, friends & loved ones during coronation parties this May!

Play our classic bingo with royal content & full colour images so even the youngest members of your group can join in. No long explanations or falling out over complex rules as we can all play bingo and each person gets their own unique bingo card meaning you need to concentrate or you’ll miss your chance to win! Each eye-catching full-colour bingo card is named after one of the King Charles IIIs palaces. A lovely way to unite a group & make memories; classic king coronation souvenirs and memories with our bingo game.

How to play:
1. Get prizes for a line, two lines and full house and cut out the 'calling cards' and place in to a container (do you have a bearskin hat handy?!)
2. Gather players together and hand out playing cards and pens we play that you have to shout out the Palace name at the top of your card, rather than Bingo
3. Eyes Down! Call out the items one by one and people cross off on their playing cards stopping the game when they get to a prize!

Examples from the bingo cards: 
  • Stamps
  • Red Uniforms
  • Crowds
  • Parade
Bring your holiday celebrations to life with our classic Kings coronation royal party game.Our full colour design is covered with delightful king coronation decorations like a palace, kings coronation decorations flags, crowds and union jack decorations. Therefore the design complements your other royal decorations, coronation napkins, charles iiis royal bunting or union jack napkins tableware or any other king party decorations you have bought for the Royal Family celebration. Something novelty & fun ideas and accessories which involves everyone from adults to children to families for the kings coronation themed celebrations – what isn’t there to love for to add to your Royal Party pack?!

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King's Coronation Royal Bingo Game - Charles III Party Games